Welcome to JR Hokkaido Rent a Car !

It's real-time reservation system for 22 branchs in Hokkaido.  

Booking and save to 30% now, and pay later.
Best price and condition guaranteed.

🎉 Lucky Chance - No hidden price or Extra charge

Free ETC(Electronic Toll Collection) system and renatal card  

Free Insurance - C.D.W.(Collision Damage Waiver) : JPY 1,100/24hrs included.

Free NOC(Non Operation Charge) coverage : JPY 550/24hrs included.

Free JAF(Japan Automobile Federation) road emergency dispatch

: JPY 550/24hrs included.

  • It's real-time reservation, pay later in Hokkaido office.
  • You will get reservation number by e-mail.(please check spam mail box)
  • Change or Cancel contact to reservation center with Reservation Number
    call center : +82(0)11-742-8211 (9:00-17:30, English/Japanese)
    e-mail : yoyaku@jrh-sol.co.jp (English/Japanese)
  • Do Not No Show, please.

HEP(Hokkaido Expressway Pass) is available, enjoy unlimited use of Hokkaido’s expressways, for one fixed price. It is really advantageous.

Important Notice

Please complete your reservation on the linked English page for 30% discount.

After you entered reservation site page, if you return to the 'top page' or change the another language menu, the 30% discount and every benefit will not be applied. 

If you want to make a reservation again from the beginning, do not return to the top page, close the window and click the 'Reservation' button again on this page to proceed in a new window.

2024 Season Special Price (JPY)  

Date 4/1~24, 5/6~31, 11/4~30 

30% discount, NOC, CDW, ETC, JAF, Tax included

DurationS class
5 people

A class
5 people


MV class
6 people 

Medium Van
WA class
8 people

Large Van
~ 6 hrs5,9207,3907,8508,000
~ 12 hrs5,9208,3108,6208,710
within 24 hrs7,3109,93010,24010,620
after 24 hrs 6,3908,4708,6208,770
after 1 hr1,1501,3001,3801,460

Booking process

1. Real-time booking - go to RESERVATION page

If it's not available, mail us with office,date,time and class.

Mail to : japanistmin@naver.com

ex) Chitose 6/1 12:00 ~ Chitose 6/7 15:00, A class

2. When the booling is success, you will get a mail with reservation number.

3. Departure day - Go to Japan, Hokkaido!!

4. At the New Chitose Airport

Rent a Car counter is located inside airport, 1F station. 

Free phone call to the office fo Free shuttle bus - just say the reservation nember.

📌 Insurance, Compensation Liability System and Insurance Cost Covered by Customer

A leased vehicle include the following limited amount of insurance. But the customer is responsible for the total amount in any of the disclaimers.

InsuranceInsurance contentsCustomer's Deductible in an AccidentBodily injury liabilityProperty Damage LiabilityPersonal Injury ProtectionVehicle Insurance
Unlimited per person (compulsory automotive liability insurance included)
Unlimited per accident(*deductible of JPY 50,000)
  • Up to JPY 30 million per person (fatal accidents)
  • Compensation of injuries (including physical impairment and death) incurred by a passenger as a result of a car accident shall be made regardless of the driver's extent of fault.
    (Limit: JPY 30 million: The total amount of damages, including medical expenses, shall be determined based on the terms of the applicable insurance policy.)
Up to the current vehicle cost per accident(*deductible of JPY 50,000)

Main items not covered by the compensation (All disclaimers/common insurance)

  • Cases that the driver does not report the accident to the police or does not contact the rental office (including out-of-court settlements without our permission)
  • Reckless driving (causing, for example, an intentional accident)
  • Accidents that occur while the driver is driving without a license, under the influence of alcohol, or under the influence of any other substances.
  • Accidents that occur when the vehicle is being driven by a driver other than the person named in rental contact.
  • Accidents attributed to another party.
  • Accidents that occurs after the rental period when the vehicle is still in the possession of the renter without our permission.
  • Tire repair/replacement costs in the event of a tire blowout.
  • Loss of a hubcap or accessories.
  • Defacement of the vehicle interior.

📌 Non OperationCharge

If vehicle repair or cleaning is required due to the occurrence of an accident, theft, breakdown, contamination, offensive odors or any other reasons, the customer will pay the following charges as compensation for the suspended service during the repair or cleaning period.

Note that the NOC must be paid even if you have purchased insurance under the C.D.W. system.

Vehicle can be drivenVehicle cannot be driven

JPY 20,000
JPY 50,000